Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cutting Board 101

Hey everyone, I decided after purchasing a new wooden cutting board that a great topic would be a beginners guide to cutting boards. The most common materials being plastic, rubber or wood. They also make glass and steel. Things to consider when choosing a cutting board include, the types of foods you will be cutting, the cleanup and maintenance of the board and the damage they can do to your knives. As you use your cutting boards, the knives will over time create cuts and grooves in your board which are a haven for bacteria. We don't want bacteria growing on surfaces we use for food preparation. I will discuss my opinions on the main types of boards, upkeep and the pros and cons of each.

Glass and Steel: These materials are very durable and can handle more caustic cleaners than the other materials, however they are also the most damaging to your knives. They can cause rolls, dents and even chips in your knives. Plus when chopping on glass you could break it and contaminate your food.