Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Look Ma, I'm Famous!!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled "Eating Thru the Alphabet" post to bring you the following important announcement. I've been published!!!

Now that I have your attention, I am going let you in on a great little secret. Some of you may be awesome enough to already know, but here it is, Nadia G. She just got a New Now Next Award for Most Addictive Reality Star. Don't think reality star as in Jersey Shore, think reality star as in this chick is gonna rock your face off. If you haven't seen Bitchin' Kitchen yet, scour your cable provider until you find the Cooking Channel and then find Bitchin' Kitchen. Below you will see her latest cookbook Cookin' for Trouble. I am going to recommend you either click and buy or run to your local bookstore (if you can still find one) and get this book and then find her first one Bitchin' Kitchen Cookbook: Rock Your Kitchen...And Let the Boys Clean Up the Mess. If you love great food and crazy fun women, oh and super hot, don't forget super hot, you will love the show and the books as much as I do. Check Bitchinlifestyle.tv for all things Bitchin'!!

 I had to make sure not to spoil the best part before you got to get exposed to this Bitchin' story, so click the "READ MORE" button for the "meat and potatoes".

Ok, now that you feel I have oversaturated you with product placement, let me get to it. Before this book came out there was a contest to be part of Nadia's "Community Chapter" and I entered it with much excitement. Being so enamored with Nadia and her food, I knew I had to give it a go. Now I play the lottery a couple times a year when the jackpots reach ridiculous amounts and I gave my chances of getting into this book about the same odds. So I submitted my entry and waited with bated breath. Once the book came out, I had trouble getting a copy, (see above mentioned issues with finding actual bookstores) and was in the process of ordering it online when I found it in a store about 20 minutes away. We drove out and paid for the book and made the mad dash to the car. It took a few sweeps to find the start of the "Community Chapter" but we did and after some repeated eyeballing of the pages, we found the awesomeness that is ME!
Full Page
Pan and scan down left

Look, it's ME!!!!! Bottom row middle.

I realize that my definition of being published may not quite be the same as you had expected. But think about it, that is me, in a published book. I think that means I have been published. You might feel a little cheated, but at least you can say you know someone famous now!! =) Check out my latest post in my day to day blog and find out why this was perfect timing. You can access it from the link on the right side of the screen.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blogging.

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