Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Brisket... Plain and Simple!

As we all know, barbeque season is upon us and in preparation for the 4th of July festivities, Richard decided it was time to test run the brisket. So enjoy this quick peek at test 1 of summer brisket.

Went to Kroger and found a nice 12lb brisket and picked that bad boy for our own. Bought it home and made the marinade and dry rub and let it soak for about 36 hours. Gotta let all that flavor soak in good and deep. Richard got the recipe from an old college professor of his. Apparently, it was quite the hit whenever it was presented.

Bright and early Monday morning, it went into the oven to spend the next 12 hours of its life cooking LOW and SLOW!! I flipped it once at the halfway point, but other than that it was the kind of cooking that you just ignore. The less you fuss with it the better it is. The only downside to doing this was having to be in the house smelling the amazing aroma coming from the kitchen but hey, I'm the kind of guy who will make a sacrifice like that in the name of brisket!

Flipped at half way
We can fast forward to 6:30pm and the removal of this work of art from the oven. What I thought was an amazing smell throughout the day, was replaced with an new and intense nose-gasm after opening the foil and letting it all out. It was fall apart on its own tender and we served it up with some red potato salad and baked beans or course. What better choices, except maybe some grilled sweet corn on the cob. Guess that will have to wait for next time.

We enjoyed it immensely and have come up with a few things we really liked and a few that we didn't like as much and have made some mental adjustments for next time. I think we are starting a great journey towards creating our own culinary Texas style barbecue!! Keep watching for info on our next trial.

All done!!
Comment below on what you do and don't like in your brisket! Thanks for reading.

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