Monday, May 23, 2011

Brisket Round 2

Time for our second attempt at a brisket. We changed things up a little this time. We marinated it overnight in a different marinade and then put a nice dry rub on it before putting it in the roaster to slow cook on Sunday. We reduced the liquid marinade down into a barbecue sauce to put on the brisket when it was done cooking. It was extra smokey this time, YUM!

This piece of meat was about half the size of last time so it didn't take nearly as long to cook. I grilled up corn on the cob that had soaked overnight in sugar water, which may sound odd but once you've had it, you won't think so. Soak them, slap them on the grill and let them get some grill marks, mmm mmm mmm.

As the brisket got closer to being done, we sauteed yellow squash and zucchini in some olive oil and herbs de provence with some salt and pepper until they were translucent and soft. Then toasted a dark olive bread until it was nice and crispy.

This brisket was much better than the first. I think it was the extra smokiness, you can never have enough smoke taste. It had a drier texture without being dry. More of a sliced brisket than a fall apart roast that the last one seemed more like. Don't get me wrong they were both good, this one was just better.

I think we will be giving it one more try before the 4th of July to lock down any little changes we need to make, stay tuned!! Thanks for reading. Hope I made you hungry.

If there is anything that you think of as too difficult to make, send me a comment and let me know. I think we are up for any challenge. Plus, once we have made it, we can share any tips and tricks we discovered while we made it. C'mon, I dare you to challenge us.

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